Take Action: End Homeland Guantanamos

Speak Up Online

Use the Internet to make your voice heard and rally others against unfair polices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

  • Send - help spread the word about the site, send to a friend.
  • Post - Post a link to Homeland Guantanamos on your website or Facebook and MySpace page.
  • Blog - Write about Homeland Guantanamos on your blog and post comments that support fair detention conditions on other blogs and articles.
  • Connect - Let's be friends! Add Breakthrough to your MySpace friends; and on Facebook, become a fan and join our cause - End Homeland Guantanamos.
  • Sign - Sign a pledge to show your commitment to fair detention conditions and DHS accountability.
  • Play - Play the ICED: I Can End Deportation video game to learn more about immigration, due process and human rights.
  • Join - Join the Breakthrough email list to stay informed about upcoming campaigns and programs.

Join the Hold DHS Accountable! Campaign

Get involved with the Hold DHS Accountable! campaign, a national initiative coordinated by the Rights Working Group to expose and reform DHS policies that violate basic human rights.

  • Send a postcard to Michael Chertoff, Secretary of DHS, demanding that the government restore due process and human rights in immigration policy. Request postcards from your RWG regional coordinator.
  • Host a conversation - Join the Night of 1,000 Conversations. Gather with friends and family to discuss DHS violations and how to effect change.

Get Involved

Want to do more than signing a petition? Have time to get active in your community?

  • Register Yourself and Others to Vote - Make your voice count. If you are 18, use the power of your vote to make a difference. Register on Rock the Vote.
  • Volunteer - Find local organizations near you working towards fair immigration policy. There are many ways to support people who are in detention, whether it's letter writing, visiting, or translating.

    Here are a few suggestions from TakePart:

  • Write an Op-Ed - Detention conditions and immigration have been hot topics in the press lately. Write a letter to the editor stating your concern for a humane immigrant detention system.
  • Make a short video - Upload your opinions on immigration and human rights to YouTube.
  • Organize a house party - Get your friends, neighbors, and colleagues together to discuss unfair detention policies. Use our Discussion Guide to help plan activities and talk about the issues.


Demand that Washington restore human decency to the immigrant detention system.


Even a small donation can help.

  • Give to the National Immigrant Bond Fund - Help immigrants to have a fair day in court and be with their families. Your donation goes to the payment of bonds for immigrants swept up by unfair DHS actions.

    The Fund provides a matching fund program that ensures immigrants adhere to the terms of the bond, and operates on "pledges of money" so that individuals have an incentive to pay back the bond on completion of their legal process so that the funds can be used to help other immigrants caught in other raids. The Bond Fund also works to build public opposition to immigration raids and support for immigration reform by focusing on the lack of rights afforded detainees, and actively pursues this through both local community efforts and international campaigns.

  • Support Breakthrough - With your support, we can continue to reach larger audiences with high-impact, innovative campaigns.

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